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09/29/2018 Holly 0 Comment(s) Chicago Fire, Photos

Captures of the season 7 premiere episode have been added to the image gallery!

0004.jpg 0017.jpg 0032.jpg 0078.jpg

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01/10/2018 Holly 0 Comment(s) Chicago Fire, Photos

Photos of Taylor from all the appearances that he’s attended in 2017 have been added to our image gallery.

0005.jpg 0037.jpg 0019.jpg 0037.jpg

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12/28/2016 Holly 0 Comment(s) Chicago Fire, Photos

I have added photos of Taylor from his appearance for One Chicago Day to the image gallery.

0004.jpg 0007.jpg 0005.jpg 0001.jpg

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10/30/2016 Holly 0 Comment(s) Chicago Fire, Photos, The Forest

I have added most of the photos from 2016 events that Taylor has attended to our image gallery. Please enjoy.

0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0007.jpg 0019.jpg

0008.jpg 0012.jpg 0009.jpg 0007.jpg

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02/07/2016 Holly 0 Comment(s) Photos, The Forest

I have added some more stills and a couple posters for The Forest to the image gallery.

0001.jpg 0005.jpg 0007.jpg 0002.jpg

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01/14/2016 Holly 0 Comment(s) Photos

I’ve added captures of a interview that Taylor did with Natalie Dormer promoting The Forest on Access Hollywood Live to our gallery.

0003.jpg 0043.jpg 0124.jpg 0230.jpg

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